Book 1

A Dance Called Africa

They rose from the dust of Africa

One, a warrior king, the other a man of magic

While the first created a mighty kingdom

The other warned of what was to come.

When a handful of white men decide to dare all, risk all, in pursuit of the magnificent ivory to be found in the private hunting grounds of the ruthless warrior king, SHAKA OF THE ZULUS it sets in train a series of explosive events, the results of which are destined to echo down the years.

HENRY FYNN aka MBUYASI, the finch

hunter and intrepid explorer, he is also known as ‘the man who can raise the dead.’


ex-naval officers and business partners whose bitter rivalrythreatens all around them.


a handsome Xhosa with a ‘magical eye’ and the luck of the devil. Cattle rustler, spy, and freedom fighter – even Robben Island cannot hold him.

While mystical prophecy foretells their coming, LANGANI the youngest and most powerful isangoma in the land and linked to Shaka since childhood, feels only foreboding and a sense of dread for the future of both his land and its people.

He also cannot explain: his recurring visions of the flame-haired blue-eyed young boy who is also destined to play a part in the tumultuous events about to unfold in Zululand.

Who is he? And just what is his powerful connection to King Shaka?