The ‘John Ross’ Trilogy

‘Earthly power does not last for ever,
Neither do the men, black or white,
Who imagine they hold it in their grasp.’

Zululand 1828

The power… the passion… the magic…

These dynamic forces run like quicksilver through the
three books, illuminating and often testing to destruction
the characters whose lives they touch.

It is a story with an epic sweep…from the Highlands of Scotland to the Cape frontier, from the heart of Zululand and Mozambique to St Lucia in the Caribbean and the slave states of America. From the days when south-east Africa trembled beneath the iron-hard feet of Shaka of the Zulus and his warrior impis… to the coming of the Victorian Age, scientific advancement and the continuing tragedy and drama of the colonial struggle for Africa, it is a tale which has not yet been fully told.

At the heart of it all stand two figures: the warrior king himself, SHAKA ZULU and the red-haired young Highlander, CHARLES RAWDEN MACLEAN. Born in Fraserburgh, Scotland and shipwrecked on the Zululand coast at the age of ten, he was destined, not only to become iQawu, Shaka’s hero, but to live out the legend for the rest of his days.

South Africa knew him only as ‘John Ross,’ but beyond the familiar, well-loved story lies another tale…far darker, more dangerous –and infinitely more intriguing.

From the first stirrings of mystic prophecy and the warnings of what lay in the future for the People of the Heavens, to the tragic fall of the Zulu kingdom, THE ‘JOHN ROSS’ TRILOGY is based on one of the most remarkable and untold stories to emerge from Africa.

Who was ‘John Ross’? And why is his name in inverted commas?