Isabella Bleszynski

Isabella was born and educated in the north-east of Scotland. A few years after graduating into the teaching profession, she took up contracts in Africa accompanied by her sons, then aged 4 and 6. Over twenty years later, after time spent in Zambia, Malawi and Libya she returned to Scotland. She now writes full time, has four grandchildren and spends most winters in Australia.

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‘Although Africa and Scotland are the two great continuums of my life, I’ve also been fortunate to have experienced a few aspects of what could be considered ‘beyond the norm!’

I’ve also spent time in Eastern Europe, pre the fall of the Berlin Wall, and was an active member of Solidarity, the Polish trade union that helped to bring down the Soviet Union.

Amongst all that, as an added bonus, were the many people I met along the way; some interestingly normal, others not so! As far as writing goes, I count myself very lucky to have travelled down the roads that I did, and I hope some of that will show in my writing, beginning with THE ‘JOHN ROSS’ TRILOGY.’

‘Apart from 200 years in time, myself and ‘John Ross’ aka Charles Rawden Maclean, have quite a few things in common. Our birthplaces on the north-east coast of Scotland were only sixty miles apart; my mother’s family were sea-faring Macphersons so I was familiar with much of his background. And, of course, there was Africa.  Although my experiences were very different from his, I had lived there long enough to be more than aware of the implications of the terrifying circumstances in which he found himself at the tender age of ten.’

The actual writing of the trilogy has been an experience in itself, one that has led me down many paths – from straightforward, to intriguing, thought- provoking and downright spooky!

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