Kingdom of a Thousand Days

Praise for Kingdom of a Thousand Days

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading the story, and appreciated the research and attention to accurate details of the times the author gave to her work”  IndianaHappyTraveler

“Characters and the landscape are beautifully depicted, both the good and the bad, highs and lows. ” Drumtur

As someone born in Africa but now living in the UK it made me really homesick with the great descriptions of the countryside and Zulu customs interwoven into the lives of the characters from the first book. I am lookig forward to the third book in the series.” Marois

“The historical background and real culture building that makes it even more interesting to read.” Sarah

Kingdom of a Thousand Days

One of the most extraordinary stories ever to emerge from South Africa’s turbulent past.                                 

The South Africa of two centuries ago, unspoiled and beautiful, yet savage and untamed, is a land where the bones of the slaughtered lie among the lilies of the field and only the strong can survive.

When Lieutenant James King and the crew of the Mary set out from the Cape in search of his missing partner, Francis Farewell, disaster strikes. Stranded on the shores of Shaka Zulu’s kingdom, King is devastated by Farewell’s treachery. Shaka the warrior king issues imperious summons they daren’t refuse. When he detains their youngest crew member, the10-year old Highlander known as John Ross in kwaBulawayo, the place of killing, the flame-haired boy is brought, fevered but defiant, to the feet of the ruthless King.

John Ross, Lieutenant King and the crew each have a choice to make. Capitulation, despair – or a bloody, bare-knuckle battle for survival against the odds…

While the seafarers decide to build a new ship James King sets out to beat Farewell at his own game. Jackabo, as Ross is now called, is drawn further into the deadly regime of the Zulu court. After meeting the powerful diviner Langani, he becomes the unwitting keeper of dangerous secrets. Drawn ever closer to Shaka, yet loyal to his shipmates, he undertakes a dangerous mission into Mozambique.

Aware of the malign forces gathering around the royal house of Zulu, Langani watches and waits. Betrayal and near-madness become the order of the day. A suspicious death unleashes a whirlwind of dissent, jealousy and the lust for revenge. It spares no one and spreads beyond the kingdom..

When thirteen-year Jackabo aka iQawu, Shaka’s hero is faced with terrifying events beyond his comprehension, he undertakes a last desperate mission to save a life.