The Finch and the Devil's Petticoats

“Africa has her mysteries; even a wise man cannot understand them, but the same wise man respects them.”

15-year old Henry Fynn flees the east end of London. His quest? To find a new life in Africa, wander where the wind blows and to hell with the risks. The only thing he fears is having to come back with his tail between his legs…

By the time he is 18, he can ‘ shoot from horseback, ride like a Boer; lay out a corpse, splint a broken leg, stitch up a wound, deliver a baby, treat scabies, ringworm, and the pox…’

The Finch and the Devil’s Petticoats


Be part of the adventure. Live the life.

From the hilarious to the terrifying – from monkey tricks to meerkats… from bullfights and rivers in flood… to the eternal secrets of the sea.